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*[http://synyx.de/opencms/export/synyx/public_html_en/Leistungen/publikationen.html Greetingcard Module]
*[http://redmine.synyx.org/projects/opencms-gc/wiki Greetingcard Module]
*[[jBPM integration module]]
*[[jBPM integration module]]
*[[osworkflow|OSWorkflow module]]
*[[osworkflow|OSWorkflow module]]

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Modules and extensions need to be distinguished. A module can be imported into OpenCms using the Web administration interface whereas an extension needs changes in the deployment and/or configuration of the OpenCms Web Application.



  • Greetingcard Module
  • jBPM integration module
  • OSWorkflow module
  • OSWorkflow module by Eurelis
  • OpenCms Workflow 2 - A generic workflow module for OpenCms 7.0.2+, JBPM integration possible
  • RSS module (Open Source)
  • Google OpenCmsWidgets - The module contains a user interface widget that allows select list pull-down data to be obtained from dynamic data sources.
  • INFONOVA OpenCms Commons - a module suite for OpenCms 7 enhance the work and development with OpenCms. Main Features: XSD-Choice Elements; FileSelectorWidget with filter on ResourceTypes; Velocity render engine with plug-able Context-Obj.; Build with maven.
  • KonaKart Shopping Cart -The purpose of this module is to demonstrate how the eCommerce / shopping cart functionality of KonaKart can be integrated into an OpenCms application. The approach taken has been to use the KonaKart SOAP Web Service in order to call the KonaKart APIs from an OpenCms application.
  • OpenCms Solr integration - This module enables OpenCms to store its search index information in Solr. Solr introduces some nice ready made features like Facetting, More-Like-This-queries and autocompletion. Index and search behaviour configuration is done using XML files. See the Wiki for more information.

Alkacon OpenCms Add-On Module Package (OAMP)

look at: http://www.alkacon.com/en/products/oamp/index.html

The Alkacon OpenCms Add-On Module Package (also called OAMP) is a set of free, open source extension modules for OpenCms. Alkacon OAMP adds front-end related features to OpenCms that may be useful in case special functionalities are required.

The Alkacon OAMP modules are made available free of charge as open source from Alkacon Software GmbH, the company also responsible for most of the development of the open source core OpenCms system.

  • Calendar module: This Calendar module enables websites to display a calendar widget with a monthly and weekly overview for events and other time based information.
  • Comments module: the Comments module allows to add highly configurable blog like comment options to all template based pages in OpenCms.
  • Counter module: With the Counter module, it is possible to manage multiple counters which can be used in many different ways on the website.
  • DocCenter Module: The OAMP Webform Module extends an OpenCms installation with the capability to easily create highly configurable download areas (similar to apache directory listings) with the look and feel of your custom template where editors just has to upload documents to make them accessible.
  • GeoMap module: With the new OAMP GeoMap Module, which is available now for download from alkacon.com, you can add a full-featured and highly customizable Google map widget to your OpenCms installation without knowledge of HTML.
  • HtmlCleaner module: The freely configurable OAMP HtmlCleaner Module removes invalid tags and attributes from HTML code fully automatic. This add-on removes unnecessary white space, too.
  • Newsletter module: The Alkacon OpenCms Newsletter Module extends OpenCms with the capability to manage multiple mailing lists and send highly configurable newsletter emails to the mailing list subscribers.
  • Survey module: the Survey module extends an OpenCms installation with the capability to create highly configurable surveys using online input forms without knowledge of HTML.
  • Syndication module: The module extends your OpenCms installation with the capability to create several versions of syndication feeds (like RSS or Atom) from OpenCms structured XML contents.
  • Webform module: With this module it is possible to create highly configurable online input forms using OpenCms structured XML contents.
  • Webuser registration module: The Alkacon OAMP Webuser Registration module can be used to easily create a community site where a user login is required.
  • Web Optimization Module: With the OAMP WebOpt Module it is possible to minify, obsfuscate and merge css and js files using YUI Compressor, as well as create on-the-fly image sprites.

The Ubuntu Open-Source Template Framework Project

The Ubuntu Project site


  • ocmx, a library for management and monitoring an OpenCms environment using Java Management Extensions (JMX, JSR 3 and 160)
  • Bearingpoint Commons, OpenCms Commons is a module suite for OpenCms 7 enhance the work and development with OpenCms. Main Features: XSD-Choice Elements in Structured Content; FileSelectorWidget with filter on ResourceTypes; Velocity render engine with plug-able Context-Objects; Build with maven.


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